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Pop PDC Bits supplies the global drilling markets with superior hybrid (steel and matrix) pdc drill bits as well as the industries top core bits.

Incorporated in Calgary, Alberta in 2000, Pop Bits continues to set the standard when it comes to pdc drill bits and no erosion core bits.

Pop PDC Bits is proud to currently be producing our “Third Generation PDC Bits”, a full line of motor compatible bits.

ISO Certified


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New RDS Directional Bits

IMG-2991-2  IMG_2996-2

New RDS Line Information Available Only On Request

Pop is a reliable supplier of high quality, long lasting hybrid and low erosion core bits

POPs Manufacturing

Pop utilizes ISO tested and certified HTSR steel. The products are manufactured utilizing CNC equipment and API / ISO certified gauges.

Manufacturing and repairing under one roof has given Pop the opportunity to compare materials, wear patterns and performance. Surrounded by and drawing source information from people with over 30 years experience in drilling has enabled Pop to design drilling products that perform at the highest level.Pop in house developed technology has improved the durability of the steel body Pop drilling products to a point where the steel body surpasses the matrix products.

Ambition & technology


Technical information

Nozzle placement is oriented to maximize flow efficiencies, increase free flow from the center of the bit to the outside of the bit, resulting in minimum turbulence and increased cleaning.The interior of the bit is opened up to provide a reduced pressure area. Lower pressure minimizes internal washing and allows for lower angle nozzle positioning.

POP PDC Bits uses in house technology to quickly modify an existing design steel matrix body bit or build a completely new design to customer requirements. Optimum cutter back rake, side rake and cutter placement allows Pop bits to have low reactive torque in directional drilling orientation procedures and allows for a continuous set, while drilling ahead in slide mode

Premium quality products


Research and development


Decreases | Bit whirl, Cutter chipping, Cutter breakage, Drill string wear, Drilling costs
Increases | R.O.P. (rate of penetration), Steer ability, Overall bit life, Run length

POP bits is constantly improving designs, hard facing technique and using the highest cutter quality as they become available. Pop is consistently testing new hard facing material, cutter size and cutter shapes. Not outsourcing any of their products and their service in quality control makes them a reliable supplier of high quality drilling products.


Pop continues to design and develop new products

POP Bits

3rd Generation bit specs and RDS line with specific applications information available only on request
POP Bits

POP bits are manufactured to have optimal performance on a variety of surfaces.

With a large selection of bit types up to 444.5mm (17 ½”), we can cater to all your drilling needs.
Specific applications bits, designs available but not posted on the bit chart.

Browse our bits by clicking on the number links in the graph which will launch
full details, contact us for further information.

POP PDC Bits Inc.
Phone: (403) 301-0828

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Peter Pop  – President
Phone: 403-815-7447
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Chris Babkirk – General Manager
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POP Bit sizes and blades

Bit Size456789
95 mm49545955
98 mm49545955
105 mm5955
121 mm49565956
152 mm51356136
156 mm41365137695681369136
159 mm41365137695881369137
165 mm413651376958
200 mm413651376139713781389139
216 mm51376136713781389139
222 mm51376139713781389139
251 mm5167613971378138
279 mm5167613971378138
311 mm516751676168716781689196

Core Bits

Pop has developed core bits with a patent pending mud barrier that prevents core washing.The new NE (no erosion) series of core bits have been very successfully used in soft formations, oil sands and Potash and perform as well in harder formations. Core contamination is reduced and core recovery is increased. Pop is a leading core bit supplier because of the quality and the life expectancy of the product.


Bits and Casing Shoe Driver

Connecting a drill bit to a directional motor can be very challenging even for the most experienced, due to the weight of the bit and the bend of the motor. When factoring in weather conditions, this operation can be dangerous. The BIT DRIVER simplifies the operation to a one man job which is performed in a safe manner, saving time and eliminating the risk of injury. The BIT DRIVER table is mounted onto a coil spring, which allows up and down movement. The table tilts to match the angle of the motor and rotates with the power of one finger. The BIT DRIVER is designed to be light, durable and efficient. How to use the ‘Bit Driver’

– Place the bit driver in the rig floor table
– Place the drill bit in the centre of the bit driver table
– Slowly lower the box of the motor over the pin of the drill bit
-Tilt the bit driver table with the bit to line up with the bend of the motor
– While slowly lowering the motor to the point where the threads can engage, rotate the bit driver table maintaining the necessary tilt to engage the threads
-The connection can also be made by bringing the two parts very close together and slightly lifting and rotating the bit driver table. The coiled spring will drastically reduce the bit weight in this operation
– The BIT DRIVER table has a maximum capacity of 500lb weight and 3 ½” down travel
– Exceeding the maximum capacity may cause DC threads and bit driver damage



Patent # US 9,404,325 B2 is available at Pop PDC Bits Inc.
Unit K, 7003 5th Street SE Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2G2
Phone: 403-301-0828 Email: [email protected]

Our BIT AND CASING SHOE DRIVER makes heavy bits weightless

POP Repair

POP Bits has extensive experience in the repair of matrix body PDC and core bits. This has allowed us to develop proprietary hard facing and carbide enhanced matrix materials.This proprietary technology allows Pop Bits to make steel body matrix covered bits that exceed the durability of all matrix bits.

Have you been charged for a D.B.R. (damage beyond repair) on a matrix bit? Send a picture to Pop Bits and we can tell you if we can repair it to like new, or in many instances, better than new.

Let us save you thousands on your well cost.

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Unit K, 7003 5th St SE Calgary, Alberta T2H 2G2
POP PDC Bits Inc.

Phone: (403) 301-0828
Fax: (403) 301-0829
Email: [email protected]

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